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i'm sara i like owl city and i'm a Dumb

all time low - remembering sunday

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Everything Twenty One Pilots: A mix of every Twenty One Pilots song.

Holding On To You // Guns For Hands // Ode To Sleep // Guns For Hands // Forest // Lovely // Glowing Eyes // Addict With A Pen // Kitchen Sink // Taxi Cab // Johnny Boy // Before You Start Your Day // Implict Demand For Proof // Clear // The Pantaloon // Be Concerned // A Car, A Torch, A Death // March To The Sea // Air Catcher // Slowtown // Friend, Please // Anathema // Fall Away // Save // Can’t Help Falling In Love (Cover) // Goner // Ruby // Drown // Taken By Sleep // Time To Say Goodbye // House Of Gold // Car Radio // Migraine // Truce (Cover) // Truce (the actual song) // The Run And Go // Fake You Out // Semi-Automatic // Trees // Tonight // Hole In The Ground // Blasphemy //

This is also great if you’re barely getting into Twenty One Pilots bc it has all of their songs. Twenty One Pilots, Regional at Best, Vessel, and even No Phun Intended.

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Twenty One Pilots // Mad World (Cover)

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Some Basic French Expressions

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